About Us

We have been able to progress by simply demonstrating our ability to operate successfully, undeterred by the nature of the product sourced, or the geographical location of its origin.  We achieve this by combining a vast knowledge of the worldwide market places with a wealth of business contacts throughout the world.  We also utilise the very latest in technologically advanced systems and databases to assist in our tasks.

Our client list is extensive and covers many varying fields and industries.  To date, our procurement experience has been based on products as wide-ranging as mechanical parts for the automobile industry in Africa and the Far East, through to pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals.  Where there may be legal or patent related concerns with the commodity in question and the geographical location we act in an advisory capacity to ensure that our customers have the most up to date and relevant information available.

Although based in the United Kingdom we consider ours to be a truly international operation and have at our call a wide network of contacts and business associates throughout the world.  Whilst not a large organization we are expanding and welcome the opportunity to make ourselves known to potential clients.